Components of a Good Body Next to water, protein is identified as being the next most important component for individuals. Adequate protein composition is needed by the body to help in carrying out the daily chores that most people undertake. The excess protein allows the body to maintain an anabolic state, allowing the body to build additional new muscles. The dietary orders that most people follow will surely take its toll in the other areas of concern for the body building blocks of people. Negating these other substances may not have quite an impact with that of water and protein especially for the more religiously inclined body builders. Rigid activities that they undertake shall surely eat up all the various components that most people gather from other intake, putting due emphasis to protein and water, which the body should reserve outside that of these other regimens. Being in shape is one thing, but sacrificing the nutritional needs of the body can be done, however, leaving these last two nutrients as the last to be given up, most especially for calorie conscious individuals wanting to maintain that ideal posture and physique.

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